On our sauna cruises you can escape the stress of your everyday life.

Saunalautta-Imatra Oy offers you and your friends a unique setting for relaxing in the center of beautiful Imatra, on the River Vuoksi.

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We’re cruising 24/7 all year round

Sauna cruises

We arrange sauna cruises to order throughout the year.
On our full-service sauna cruises, you can concentrate on relaxing as our staff takes care of everything else. Our raft is equipped with a studio-level Genelec sound system and a video projector.
Our fridge holds your drinks cold even in the summer heat, and the freezer provides ice to make them colder yet. There are two flush toilets on the raft. We don’t serve alcoholic beverages on the sauna raft, but you may bring your own drinks with you.
Water activities provided by Water-SkiZoo, e.g. floating, are the perfect complement to your sauna cruise.
The home port of the sauna raft is in the Puomikuja 4. www.ravintolasula.fi >>

Cruise prices


2 h 350€
3 h 470€
4 h 590€

On legal holidays

2 h 450€
3 h 570€
4 h 690€

Additional hours 120€

Please contact us for an offer on a longer cruise.

The Floating Sauna at the Jetty


2h 200€
3h 300€
4h 400€

On legal holidays

2h 300€
3h 400€
4h 500€


Our 15-m2 sauna is spacious enough for a larger group at once, and while sitting in the sauna, you’re able to admire the beautiful landscape through the windows.
The large wood-burning sauna stove by Misa guarantees an excellent sauna-bathing experience for both hard core sauna enthusiasts and those who enjoy more moderate heat. Biodegradable body washes are included in the price of the cruise.

You can rent towels for 5€ each or bring your own towels / bathrobes.
Our professional staff takes care of your comfort throughout the cruise.

You may rent our Naploeon gas grill for 20 euros an hour.


Sauna elf’s menu

Hamburger 12€
(burger bun, 200-gram full meat patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion)

Sausage plate 12€
(sausage, feta salad, potato salad)

Grilled steak 15€
(pork neck, feta salad, potato salad)

Grill plate 18€
(sausage, pork neck, feta salad, potato salad)

Coffee/tea 2€

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